Moving new home young couple eat pizzaLike it or not, you’ll need to move at least once in your adult life. You might have a month’s time to sort through things, sell those things you don’t need anymore, and then pack up everything else. You might have only three days. In any case, you need to move.

If you’re financially able to, hire professional movers like Melbourne Furniture Removals. They’ll do the packing, heavy lifting, and driving to the new place. Even if you’re only moving across town, hire professionals. It’s less stress. (If it’s across town, try to hire locals.)

However, if you’re the “pro” in your current move, do it like they do.

Movers Have Helpers

Packing an entire household is a BIG job. Even if you only have a small flat, you have a life’s time of things. Don’t pack it all by yourself. “Hire” friends. Promise pizza (or whatever take-out everyone likes). Promise cash for gas. Get at least one other person to help you pack; three friends are better.

Movers Use Ample Supplies

This is one area you need to use good supplies. Fruit boxes won’t do it; they’ve been damp, and have holes on the bottom and sides. Using with used boxes? Make sure they’re sturdy, dry, and clean.

Other supplies include:

• Clear packing tape (at least a dozen rolls)

• Large permanent markers in blue or black

• Packing material (newspapers!)

• Zip-type bags (odds and ends, like screws)

• Garbage bags (blankets, stuffed toys)

Movers Are Methodical

Professional movers work in teams. That’s why three friends are better than just one. With Tom, Dick, and Harriet, you can have two teams. Each team packs one room.

Be sure everyone knows to mark each box as it’s packed. (living room, kitchen, etc.). If needed, put some detail on the box: books, 3x computer cords. The books don’t need delineating; but you might need the cords sooner than you think.

Then, take a break.

Movers Take Breaks

Self-moving is an emotional strain and a physical pain. Short breaks – 10-15 minutes – help alleviate both. At mid-day, take a full meal break. This is the time for the pizza! Clarify the next wave of packing. Be sure to drink water all day.

It’s tempting to keep going. But, do take breaks. They’ll save your back, legs, and sanity.

Movers Have Trucks

You know that some of your things must go with you. Your pets, your important papers, and your medicines can’t be packed away.

For the rest, hire a truck. Self-moving companies are reasonably priced. Get a van or truck in whatever size suits your needs. Cart out the sealed boxes as you pack the rooms.

You’re Done!

With three friends, and a pizza or two, your place can be packed in 8-10 hours. That’s how professionals do it: helpers, plenty of supplies, a truck, and reasonable breaks.

Go on. Go pack up your house!